20 mph Speed Limit

28 09 2006

Two o’clock didn’t come soon enough and waiting around for people is not enjoyable when you’re heading to the lake…

Saturday, a group of friends went out to Lake Hartwell to go boating. Abram Rampey brought his boat and Katherine Bowyer brought a jet ski. Andrew Pierce, Jarred Mann, Matt Bentley, Jason Williams and Michelle Lavengood were along for the fun…and what fun it was!

We left about two thirty Saturday afternoon – a late start – and headed to Abram’s house to get the boat, which was in need of fuel. A quick stopover at the gas station and we were on our way. Katherine and Michelle were already on the lake enjoying the thrills of the Sea Doo when we shoved off.

Less than five minutes had passed before someone was on a tube flying around behind the boat. After some time, we hooked up a second – and much larger – tube alongside the first, but not before Abram shredded a tube line in the prop. The speed limit written on the large tube: “20 mph”. What kind of fun can you have at 20 mph? That warning was rarely heeded.

Someone managed to flip the jet ski over and flood the engine. Thirty minutes of waiting and it finally cranked again. I’m glad it did, because I got to drive it later on. My first experience on a jet ski was one of first caution, then exhiliration, then sadness…I had to relinquish the controls.

Many wild rides were experienced on the tubes. Michelle completed a full flip and stayed on the tube. Katherine, Andrew and Matt got the full wrath of Abram’s crazy driving (I feared for the life of all). Matt actually cut a flip in the air, flew off his tube and landed on Jarred. Matt and I found out what it’s like to go over thirty miles and hour on tubes. It’s insane. 20 mph Abram! 20 mph!!!

When we returned to the Rampeys’ house – hours after dark and tired from the day – Dr. and Mrs, Rampey fixed us dinner: bratwersts and potato wedges plus brownies and ice cream. Mmmm mmmm goooooooood!!!

A fun day had by all. Many thanks to Katherine and the Rampeys.




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