Aiming for Webster’s #1

2 03 2008

Well, in a bid to eventually get a word into Webster’s dictionary, Cody and I have decided to come up with a new word each week, or however often we feel the urge to be creative.

So your job is to try to use the word in your daily conversation.

This week’s word is:

frumby /frum-bee/ adj.,

1. easygoing, nearing to the point of irresponsibility
2. laid back
3. joyous nonchalance
4. lack of concern caused by inhaling marijuana

[noun: frumbulesence; adv.: frumbily]

antonyms – anxious, worried, overly concerned

“His frumby attitude toward his work caused his grades to plummet.”
“Dude, I’m feeling totally frumby, man, so I’m not going to work today. Pass the ganja.”




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