Glad that’s over

6 03 2008

I substituted at Liberty High today in the NovaNet and ISS class. Boy was that fun (heavy sarcasm intended). Many of the teachers went to the groundbreaking for the new Liberty High School, so there were a lot of subs called in today. Today could be considered chaos in most every way at LHS.

I had six students in ISS and three of them decided that they would talk…the entire time. Several teachers paid visits to the classroom warning of impending doom for those serving time, and when the normal teacher did return there was a price to pay. She made the three students do all their work standing up. Much of their work included copying a short book on improving yourself in high school word for word or writing the definitions for 200 vocabulary words from the dictionary, and on top of that, they were assigned work from their teachers. Wouldn’t it just be easier to do the work in class and exhibit some semblance of maturity/order/humanity? Some teens just can’t live without bucking the system. I just don’t get it. Oh well…7th grade tomorrow,YEAH!!




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