10 things I love about…substitute teaching

9 03 2008

So…substitute teaching is definitely a lot of fun and in contrast to the last post, here’s (some of) the things I love about substitute teaching.

  1. Actually getting to teach (sometimes)
  2. Incentive schedule (short classes and recreation at the end of the day)
  3. Working with teens more than Wednesday nights
  4. Social studies…anytime, anywhere
  5. Teaching kids new ways to be ADD
  6. Being cool in school!
  7. Helping teens to learn
  8. Less than $2 for lunch
  9. Talking to teens about Jesus (when they ask, of course)
  10. Being Jesus to some teens without ever having to say His name



3 responses

10 03 2008
Deborah Rhodes

Ok, you’re just plain mean! I’m freezing to death in the land the sun has forsaken and you’re bragging about 60 degree weather…it’s cruel.

10 03 2008

I liked what you said about “Being Jesus to some teens without ever having to say His name.”

14 01 2011
Charlize Robertas

Be careful about the Jesus thing; not everyone is going to like having their kids indoctrinated with this crap, no matter how deeply you believe in it. And the bit about “cool in school” and …………. sorry for that pause, I had to wipe some vomit off my keyboard … teaching them “new ways to be add”… sounds to me like you are too young to be anywhere near a classroom. Isn’t MacDonald’s hiring anymore?

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