Journey to Jerusalem, Pt. 2

9 03 2008


Today marked the third week in the Journey to Jerusalem series at Smith Chapel.

Click here to see a post outlining Weeks 1 and 2.

Week 1 – February 24 – Revelation
John 4 [The woman at the well] – “The Search is Over”

Week 2 – March 2 – Division
John 9 [The man born blind] – “Drawing Lines”

Week 3 – March 9 – A Decision is demanded when one witnesses the power of Christ
“Undeniable!” – The power of Christ over life and death is ample evidence to support His divinity, yet many choose not to believe
John 11 [Raising Lazarus]
I. Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life
II. God’s glory is revealed through Jesus
III. Jesus has power over life and death
IV. We have to make a decision (with what we have seen)

Week 4 – March 16 – Results of the Decision 1: Praise vs. Consequence
Week 5
– March 23 – Results of the Decision 2: Joy vs. Confusion/Denial

Walk with us on our Journey to Jerusalem.




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