Springing forward and saving the canyon

9 03 2008

Check out Canyon Defense. It’s a sweet tower defense flash game. Defend your city from the vehicles that attempt to make it through your canyon. The waves get stronger each round, so you’ll have to build more defenses.

I’ve put many hours into the game and am happy to announce that I finally beat all three maps on hard. The last – and I believe the hardest – level took me about ten tries. Finally, I arranged my canyon with the weapons needed and the assault began. As the game wore on (read “after the first hour), my computer started to bog down and the levels took longer and longer until it took ten or more minutes for a level. I was so close to finishing the accursed map, so I just stuck with it. After two hours I won, beating all 50 levels.

I’m also watching The Great Raid, which I DVR’ed (now that “DVR’ed” is a verb) on Monday. It’s the story of POW’s from the Bataan Death March that were rescued from a Japanese concentration camp when MacArthur returned to the Philippines. Good, but not great.

The DVR just changed from 1:59 to 3:00. I just sprung forward and I still have to set the rest of my clocks an hour ahead, so I’ll be waking up in about five hours. Off to bed. Good night!




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