11 03 2008

As the fiery orb makes its path through the heavens each third and fifth day of the week, the hearts of the Ultimate athletes beat for only one thing: FRISBEE!!! (man voice with multiple echoes)

The ground shakes as the competitors step onto the field. The grand game “rock, paper, scissors” cleaves the crowd in twain. Friends become enemies and nothing but the ‘bee and the point hold any sway in the rivals minds’.

In an intense flash, the disc slices the air, making its maiden flight to the opponents. With that, the contest begins. Bodies lumber across the viridian field, weaving and turning to intercept the coveted discus.

Emotion takes control of some.

Will to win takes others.

The disc is hurled.

Bodies crash together.

Lungs scream with pain.

But the game continues.

Titans clash.

Only one comes away with the disc.

Some stand tall…

Others fall…

All are ferocious competitors…

Passionate and relentless in their endeavor.

Points happen.

And when those points happen, one team cries in elation and one team cries in anguish. Victory. Defeat. The sights and the sounds of war – war on the Ultimate field.

One thing is certain, each of the contestants in the fierce battle can walk away with heads held high, because all was left on that field.

See you guys on Thursday.




One response

12 03 2008

Oh how I love this sport.

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