13 03 2008

My WordPress just passed 500 views! Thanks to all who read and I’m sorry if you’re disappointed.

To celebrate this occasion, I’ve compiled a list of the 50 things you might see on any given night in the Stu-Be lobby.

  1. Cody and Kindel
  2. Krystal bustin’ a move (Sorry, I knew that)
  3. Katie Portis getting absolutely no work done
  4. Christi Neff’s flannel man-pants
  5. Chloe leaking
  6. Adam Jolley typing a paper
  7. Somebody call Tyrome!
  8. Tony wearing a Steelers jersey
  9. Rebecca reading something
  10. Eric’s knowledge of everything in the universe
  11. Jessica wishing she was in FLA
  12. Sanchez playing his keyboard
  13. Brittany getting a splinter removed
  14. Lauryl’s “inappropriate” comments
  15. Logan’s inability to censor himself sometimes
  16. The reclusive Cha and Nick
  17. Four girls in that tiny bathroom
  18. People sitting on the counter
  19. Domino’s pizza guys
  20. New couples
  21. Old couples
  22. Wanna-be couples (no comment)
  23. Should-be couples (no comment)
  24. Shouldn’t-be couples (I plead the fifth)
  25. Six people IM’ing each other from five feet away
  26. Anyone waiting more than five minutes for Otis
  27. Conversation about Azerbaijan
  28. Ear-piercing laughter
  29. Speed Scrabble
  30. PDA
  31. Canyon Defense
  32. Laptops, tons of em
  33. MySpace
  34. Facebook
  35. Impossible geometry homework
  36. Three songs playing at the same time
  37. Apples to Apples (it’s been too long)
  38. Dance party!
  39. Soulja Boy
  40. The Cupid Shuffle (Thanks Kry-stal!)
  41. Thriller!
  42. Trash can basketball
  43. Overfilled recycling bins
  44. Wendy’s or Taco Bell after 11 pm
  45. A random assortment of candy
  46. Community guitar
  47. The broken couch
  48. People sitting on the (painful) broken couch
  49. Fighting for the footrest (table)
  50. Me (sad, I know)

So there you go. Hope someone got a laugh out of that.




5 responses

13 03 2008

hahaha…..that is WAY funny Brady!!!

and don’t hate on my flannel man-pants….they are comfy :oP

13 03 2008

hey, where did you get me reading a book all time or were you talking about Rebecca Davids

13 03 2008
Jon Brady

Every time I see you in the lobby, you have a book to read or some homework to do.

16 03 2008

That was funny and my name is with a K and for #40 its the cupid shuffle. That made me laugh a lot!!

17 03 2008
Jon Brady

Sorry, I corrected them.

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