Journey to Jerusalem, Pt. 3

16 03 2008

Today marked the fourth week in the Journey to Jerusalem series at Smith Chapel.

Click here to see a post outlining Weeks 1 and 2.
Click here to see a post outlining Week 3.

Week 1 – February 24 – Revelation
John 4 [The woman at the well] – “The Search is Over”

Week 2 – March 2 – Division
John 9 [The man born blind] – “Drawing Lines”

Week 3 – March 9 – Decision
John 11 [Raising Lazarus] – “Undeniable!”

Week 4 – March 16 – Results of the Decision 1: Praise vs. Consequence
“Who IS This? – When Christ is identified as King, you either choose to acknowledge the fact or reject Him.
Matthew 21 [The Triumphal Entry and Cleansing of the Temple]

I. Christ matches the description of the King

A. Prophecy

B. Authority

II. Outsiders readily accept Jesus as King

A. Ready

B. Response

III. Insiders, a.k.a. “religious people”, readily reject Jesus as King

A. Jealousy

B. Pride

Week 5 – March 23 – Results of the Decision 2: Joy vs. Confusion/Denial

Walk with us on our Journey to Jerusalem.




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