Journey to Jerusalem, Pt. 4

24 03 2008

Easter Sunday wrapped up the Journey to Jerusalem series at Smith Chapel.

Click here to see a post outlining Weeks 1 and 2.
Click here to see a post outlining Week 3.
Click here to see a post outlining week 4.

Here’s a recap of the 5 part series with part 5 expanded:

Week 1 – February 24 – Revelation
John 4 [The woman at the well] – “The Search is Over”

Week 2 – March 2 – Division
John 9 [The man born blind] – “Drawing Lines”

Week 3 – March 9 – Decision
John 11 [Raising Lazarus] – “Undeniable!”

Week 4 – March 16 – Results of the Decision 1: Praise vs. Consequence
Matthew 21 [Triumphal entry/Temple cleansing] – “Who IS This?

Maundy Thursday – March 20 – Mourning
Participants entered the sanctuary to quiet music for a time of reflection, scripture reading, and prayer. At their convenience, they walked to a table at the front of the sanctuary to take Communion by intinction (dipping the bread into the grape juice). Pastor Scott explained the betrayal by Judas and read the Last Supper scripture from Luke, then served Communion to the 3-5 people that sat around the table each time. There was no dismissal and the people left on their own timetable. It was an important day for us in that we were trying a new thing in church. I think it went very well. I have had a few comments as to the touch of the Spirit in that service.

Week 5 – March 23 – Results of the Decision 2: Joy vs. Confusion/Denial
John 20:1-18 [Resurrection morning] – C.S.I. – Investigating the facts surrounding the resurrection.

I. Jesus’ body was missing

A. The stone was rolled away

B. Suspicious

II. Jesus left the tomb on His own

A. Something happened

B. The body was not stolen

III. Jesus was seen alive

A. Resurrected body, unlike Lazarus

B. Christ is risen!

The only thing left on our journey is to await Pentecost and the arrival of the Holy Spirit!




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