My Favorite 50 Movies – #4

24 03 2008

Title: Crash – 2004

Starring: Terrence Howard; Thandie Newton; Sandra Bullock; Brendan Fraser; Don Cheadle; Matt Dillon; Michael Peña; Larenz Tate; Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges; Ryan Phillippe

Director: Paul Haggis

Plot: The issue of racism is confronted head-on in the interwoven stories of several average Los Angeles people.

Why it belongs on this list:

  • Won 3 Academy Awards:
  • Best Editing
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Picture
  • Character interactions are amazing
  • One of the few movies that can get a tear every time
  • Michael Peña!
  • Not unlike American History X it is a difficult film to watch, but is a must see
  • Will challenge most everyone to look hard at themselves

Watch this clip: The original trailer for Crash…I almost shed a tear during the trailer…so good



One response

24 03 2008

this is a fenomenal philm.
cant wait to see #1 im rather surprised this is #4.

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