My Favorite 50 Movies – #3

25 03 2008

Title: Jurassic Park – 1993

Starring: Sam Neill; Laura Dern; Jeff Goldblum; Richard Attenborough; Samuel L. Jackson

Director: Steven Spielberg

Plot: An attempt to open a theme park populated by genetically-created and -engineered dinosaurs turns horribly bad.

Why it belongs on this list:

  • Still regarded as one of the best audio mixes
  • Have you seen better looking digital dinosaurs?
  • Did I mention it was made 15 years ago?
  • Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton
  • So good that they’re making #4, even after #3 failed…miserably
  • Spielberg might be back in the director’s chair
  • Won 3 Academy Awards:
  • Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing
  • Best Effects, Visual Effects
  • Best Sound
  • First movie I ever saw twice in the theaters
  • Scared me silly then (I was 11)
  • The velociraptors are some of the best creatures ever put on film

Watch this clip: The original trailer for Jurassic Park




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