Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #3

30 04 2008

The Name: Tiger Town Tavern

The Place: Clemson – 368 College Avenue

The Food: Burgers and more – every entree on the menu is named after something related to Clemson sports

The Price: $7-$12

The Good:
Really good food, outdoor seating available, Two HD projectors, separate game room and restaurant areas, trivia night on Wednesdays, did I mention TWO HD projectors?!

The Bad:
It’s a pub, so the bar atmosphere sets in after 8 pm or so

I suggest…
“Chris Patton” – The bacon swiss burger (a perfectly prepared and cooked burger, thick strips of bacon and tons of swiss cheese melted over the bacon)…and don’t forget to order the Cajun Cheese Fries!


Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #4

29 04 2008

The Name: Carson’s Steak Warehouse & Saloon

The Place: Anderson – 150 West Beltline Blvd

The Food:
Beef in many tasty forms, plus a few other things

The Price: $12-$25

The Good: Beer-battered fries! Rustic environment

The Bad:
The whole peanut-shells-on-the-floor thing (if that bothers you)

I suggest… NY Strip with fries

Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #5

28 04 2008

The Name: Main Street Deli & Coffeehouse

The Place: Central – 133 W. Main Street

The Food: Quality sandwiches, soups and more

The Price: $7.50-$10 for a sandwich and drink

The Good: Great cuts on the best bread, nice atmosphere, some local foods/drinks, free wi-fi

The Bad: Can get expensive when adding things like a smooth cup of joe or delectable dessert from The Cheesecake Factory (should that be in “The Good” category?)

I suggest… Hot Ham & Swiss – heaven on a croissant and dipped in honey mustard

Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #6

26 04 2008

The Name: Dyar’s Diner

The Place: Pendleton – 2216 Old Greenville Highway

The Food:
Home cookin’, buffet-style

The Price: $5-$8

The Good: Great family restaurant, everything is good

The Bad:
Always run out of something on Sunday afternoons (get there before 1)

I suggest… Country style steak over rice

Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #7

25 04 2008

The Name: Mac’s Drive-In (links to an article about Mac’s)

The Place: Pendleton – 404 Pendleton Road

The Food: Standard “grease pit”

The Price: $5-$10

The Good: It’s been in several prolific magazines, such as Southern Living, touted as an historic place to eat

The Bad: Limited seating

I suggest… The grilled cheeseburger, which is basically an amazing patty melt

Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #8

24 04 2008

The Name: Sardi’s Den

The Place: Clemson – 520 Old Greenville Highway (across from Bi-Lo)

The Food: All kinds of Americana

The Price:

The Good:
The amazing ribs and the burgers

The Bad: Limited parking

I suggest… Definitely, without-a-doubt, gotta have the ribs! Best in Pickens County and maybe the whole Upstate.

Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #9

23 04 2008

The Name: Peppino’s Pizzeria

The Place: 4 locations – Clemson (384 College Avenue), Seneca (12020 North Radio Station Road), Greenville (8595 Pelham Road) and now in Anderson (located near HHGregg)

The Food:
Pizza…amazing, greasy pizza

The Price: Two slices and a drink for $3.70 or 3-topping large pizza for $11.90

The Good:
Italian-style pies, tasty toppings (the Italian sausage is amazing), pool tables

The Bad:
Too greasy?, pool hall atmosphere (smoky with drunk people) late at night

I suggest…
Pepperoni, Ham, and Sausage…X-large, of course