Movie Night

5 04 2008

The youth group came over tonight for a movie. Chips, cookies, candy, colas and…other cool things that start with “c”.

13 showed up! The living room was totally packed. We used the couch, the recliner, some lawn chairs, office chairs, dining room chairs and the floor. We had a great time and some laughs. Good times.

Dumb and Dumber…I hadn’t watched it in so long.

Youth group starting on Sunday nights this weekend! 6 pm. YEAH!




5 responses

6 04 2008

Are youth still meeting on Wed. night also?

6 04 2008

So, do you like J. Grisham book? LK

6 04 2008

How did youth group go???

7 04 2008
Jon Brady

I had to run sound for a Sunday night singing at church. So, I guess we’ll start next week. I’ve accepted the fact that no date is set in youth ministry.

8 04 2008

that is such an answer to prayer!!! I am glad to hear it went so well Brady!


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