20 04 2008

So I had the opportunity to preach in “big church” today.

My sermon was entitled Upside-down and Inside-Out.

I used Galatians 6:11-18 to show that Christ is working from the inside out in our lives and in the upside-down kingdom of God.

The Galatian churches had been infiltrated by Judaizers who would have Gentile Christians obey the whole law and be circumcised, but Paul said that the new Christians need not adhere to the law. Instead they should cling to the Law of Love by allowing Christ to work in their hearts.

I. “Looking Good”An attempt at holiness

A. Dressed to impress – we often try to look holy by doing good things

B. Avoiding stares – we often do “good things” to avoid humiliation

C. Tracking numbers – we often take the glory from God for souls saved and lives changed

II. Dying to LiveA response to the Cross

A. Boasting only in Christ – His cross has accomplished the work

B. The World Dead to Me – I no longer care for the things I once valued

C. Dead to the World – the world no longer accepts me

III. Being Made NewThe work of Christ

A. Not What I Do – I will always fall short of the law

B. What Christ Does IN Me – it is His work which will produce the external fruit

Oh yeah, I have to speak at youth tonight too! Two for one!




2 responses

21 04 2008

Awesome outline Brady. I wish I could have heard it.

22 04 2008
Scott Uselman

Next Sunday it is back to that same boring old preacher

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