Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #9

23 04 2008

The Name: Peppino’s Pizzeria

The Place: 4 locations – Clemson (384 College Avenue), Seneca (12020 North Radio Station Road), Greenville (8595 Pelham Road) and now in Anderson (located near HHGregg)

The Food:
Pizza…amazing, greasy pizza

The Price: Two slices and a drink for $3.70 or 3-topping large pizza for $11.90

The Good:
Italian-style pies, tasty toppings (the Italian sausage is amazing), pool tables

The Bad:
Too greasy?, pool hall atmosphere (smoky with drunk people) late at night

I suggest…
Pepperoni, Ham, and Sausage…X-large, of course




3 responses

23 04 2008

They are open late and I like that about them. This is a great series!

24 04 2008

I don’t know if you have been to the other locations other than the Clemson one. I have also been to the Anderson location. The food of course is the same but the environment is quite different. The Anderson does not have the pool tables, or the smokey, drunk atmosphere. That being said, I prefer the Clemson location. That type of atmosphere brings a character which the Anderson location lacks.

I like your countdowns. They leave me waiting eagerly for your posts.

25 04 2008

love this one, although it is just like huddle in that I take an amazing ride on the toilet somewhere between 2 am and lunch time, perhaps even that entire timespan.

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