A sucker for a web fad

30 05 2008

I joined the ever-growing crowd of Twitter peeps yesterday. So hit me up. My name is jcphenom.


Mapquest, Week 2

28 05 2008

MapQuestDriving Directions: Vision 1

“I am the way, the truth, and the life…” – John 14:6a

I. The Way – Real love for our community

II. The Truth – Jesus saves and redeems

III. The Life – Living as Jesus did

Mission: Transforming our community and our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Vision 1:
Teaching God’s Truth

Vision 2 coming next week!

To Write Love on Her Arms

26 05 2008

Check out To Write Love on Her Arms. Make sure to read the story. Found out that a whole bunch of people were doing this, so I jumped the bandwagon. It’s a great organization with a great heart for hurting people.

Now my arm smells like Sharpie.

I shot at minors today

25 05 2008

I actually got to shoot at some of my students from both church and school today. We played airsoft at one of my youth sponsor’s houses tonight. First we played out in a huge plot of woods, which turned out to be about 50 times too big for our group. After that game we decided that playing in a small field was a much better choice. We were definitely right.


  • Jarred Mann (Youth sponsor)
  • Mark Haithcock (Youth sponsor)
  • Timmy Young (Youth sponsor)
  • Eric Cromer (SWU RA)
  • Alan Davis (Adult youth sponsor)
  • Matt Uselman (Teen)
  • Matt Trammell (Teen)
  • And three other middle school teens

Highlights from the night:

  1. I thanked God for the “beer and wine” (Root Beer and Cheerwine!)
  2. Pigs in a blanket
  3. Shot a kid in the face
  4. Got shot in the back of the neck because Jarred switched to full auto to “make sure his gun was working”
  5. Shot by my own teammate
  6. Walked within 10 feet of an opposing team member and didn’t realize it
  7. Ice cream cake (sooo good!)

To the happy couple…

23 05 2008

Congratulations, Hank and Kristie! Here’s to many years of happiness and all those other “perks” of marriage.

I ran sound for the wedding. Kindel Smith played piano and Amanda Kinney sang (both performed wonderfully).

Got to see several people that I don’t often get to spend time with and that always makes for a great time.

After the ceremony, I rushed out and emceed the reception with Lance Ingle acting as DJ. Had a fun time and I hope I didn’t mess things up too bad. Played a lot of Andy McKee (check out this video of his amazing skills).

  • Couple’s First Dance – She’s Everything by Brad Paisley
  • Father/Daughter Dance – The Dad You Didn’t Have to Be by Brad Paisley
  • Mother/Son Dance – You and Me by Lifehouse

A child in need

20 05 2008
TOMS Shoes is a pretty awesome organization. Blake Mycoskie created TOMS “to make life more comfortable,” but this statement doesn’t quite mean what you think it might mean. His commitment is to match every pair of shoes purchased with a donated pair for a child in need. So far there have been two shoe drops: Argentina (10,000 pairs) and South Africa (50,000 pairs!). TOMS plans to give 200,000 by the end of this year.

I purchased my pair this past week and received them Monday. They are natural-colored canvas, size 11.5 and they feel pretty sweet. It is a form-fitting design with a leather insole. I also received a logo sticker and flag with my shoes.

When you purchase a pair of these shoes, you can dedicate your gift to someone you love. A child that needs shoes will receive some in that person’s name. Pretty cool!

I’m pretty excited about something else as well. TOMS allows anyone to host a “Style Your Sole” party, which allows customers to pre-purchase a pair of TOMS and then custom design their own pair. One person collects orders and then TOMS sends all-white shoes. The host then buys all kinds of paints, markers, and other decorating items for the people to use. Lastly…mayhem! Looks like a lot of fun.

…and here are the results. The promise still stands: TOMS gives a pair of shoes for every one purchased. If 100 pairs are bought, then 100 kids in a foreign country will have shoes on their feet!

Oh yeah, I’m planning one in August. Right before school starts back, The C.O.R.E. Youth will be hosting a “Style Your Sole” party in the Family Life Center of Smith Chapel Wesleyan. Hope you can make it. Save up $40 between now and then for this great cause!

Summer’s Lookin’ Good

19 05 2008
So far this “summer” I’ve…

  1. Spoke at the SC Wesleyan Youth Retreat/Camp Preview. Had a great time! Can’t wait for camp!!
  2. Hiked to Lee Falls and made it to the top. I conquered the waterfall that gave me four staples a couple years ago. Jarred, Palmer, Timmy and Mark made the excursion with me.
  3. Two pit fires in the backyard. Jarred, Timmy, Mark, and many others have been over for s’mores and brats…mmmmmm brats. Read the post about hiking and the pit fire here.
  4. Saw Prince Caspian with the youth group. See the post here.
  5. Timmy’s birthday party at Frankie’s Fun Park. Played laser tag with the group and did poorly (this is ironic because I used to manage a laser tag arena). Best score in my group playing putt putt. I beat Timmy and didn’t feel too bad about it. Sorry, Timmy.
  6. Started “Band of Brothers” last night with Jarred, Mark, and Timmy. Best mini-series ever made. Soooo good. Continued watching it tonight.
  7. Played airsoft with Cody, Jarred, Timmy, Mark, and Eric after tonight’s episode of “B.o.B.”

…and it looks as though the fun will just keep on going…

  • More hiking
  • More pit fires and brats
  • More “B.o.B.” and airsoft!
  • Camp in Michigan with Josh Woods and Jon Ward.
  • Junior High and Senior High camps at Table Rock.

Hooray for summer.