Top 10 Local-Only Restaurants You Should Try – #1

2 05 2008

The Name: Ancheaux’s Eatery

The Place: Clemson – 378 College Avenue

The Food:
Part Cajun/Creole, part Tex-Mex, part Americana – burritos, wide variety of sandwiches, many health-friendly choices

The Price:

The Good:
The best chicken sandwich I have ever tasted (Black Jack), downtown Clemson, the best restaurant in Clemson among quite the A-list of establishments

The Bad: Tables are rarely clean, some have that aggravating wobble, some find it expensive (I feel it’s worth it)

I suggest… Black Jack – perfectly seasoned blackened chicken sandwich with Monterrey Jack cheese and bacon – and don’t forget to choose from either seasoned fries or homemade chips




2 responses

2 05 2008
Deborah Rhodes

Ate here only once…HATED it. Wouldn’t go back. Sorry. : (

3 05 2008

im glad you did this…i need suggestions, since ill be a resident here in 3 weeks time!! woo.

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