For Mother’s Day

11 05 2008

For Mother’s Day this year, I had thought about sending a card (at this point, mom says to herself, “Yeah, right”), but instead, I decided to recount a story I remember from growing up (I’m hoping that I can keep all the facts straight!)

So, here goes…

Prior to age 12, my mother was always a stay-at-home mom. She owned her own business designing and crafting custom-made draperies…and she was good at it. Her clientele was loyal and word of mouth was her best advertisement (as is for any business). Needless to say, she stayed quite busy and the sewing room is where much of her time was spent.

Many summer days I would sit in the floor and play with my toys while she worked. None of my friends lived very close and I somehow found various ways to entertain myself at home. It was a rare opportunity to get out of the house and go to town with mom. For some odd reason I almost always complained about leaving (probably because I knew I would have to help with menial tasks hanging curtains), but my mood changed with the mention of stopping for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.

Sir Pizza or Chic-Fil-A were the usual choices. Sir Pizza’s greasy, thin crust, baked-piece-of-heaven still makes my mouth water today. (All of my South Carolina friends who are transplanted from the Asheboro area have that same love for Sir Pizza!) And who doesn’t love Chic-Fil-A?!

Those were great days, but they paled in comparison to a few special days. I vividly remember a few of those very special days spent with my mom: seeing Jurassic Park in the theater (twice!), going to Washington, D.C. for a tour, and going to Chuck E. Cheese. The latter of these three sticks out the most in my mind.

A few times a year, my mom and I would take a trip up to see my aunt in Greensboro. I hate to admit that I have a favorite aunt, but some aunts are just better than others. My aunt Jean always made me feel special, so she was my favorite (well, that and she always gave me money!).

Each visit to Greensboro would take us by the shopping center where Chuck E. Cheese was located, but we never had time to stop…until THAT day. On THAT day, we DID stop…and we DID get out…and we DID go in. And it was amazing.

As we entered those double doors, we were no longer in Greensboro. We were in a magical place with flashing lights and games and tubes and balls and so much more. Mom took a large bill and got it changed into tokens for the games. In a matter of minutes I had blown all of that and was asking for more. I played games all over the place, running from side to side like a puppy in a lot that’s half the size it needs to be. Skeeball got the most attention from me. I probably wasted several dollars on that one game.

And all that time, there was mom. Mom dishing out dollars, which was going to make it harder on her for the next few weeks. Mom running back and forth from game to game trying to keep up. Mom watching me have fun.

We found a seat after a while and ordered pizza. The animatronic show started with Chuck E. Cheese as the front man of a band of animals all playing different musical instruments (kind of like the muppet band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, except a bit creepier). We sat and talked about all kinds of things while we ate pizza and heard that same robotic performance two more times. Just me and my mom.

Mom, thanks for always taking time for me. You were never short on love and always pushed me to be the best I could be.

I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!




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11 05 2008

J, this is awesome!!!!! Your Mom read it to my Mom and felt thrilled about what you had written. I’m proud of you, all that you’ve done, and the person you’ve become. And, yes, I favor Jean as well! ; ) Love you!!!


12 05 2008


12 05 2008

very sweet brady.

12 05 2008
Scott Uselman

Like it!

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