Boys being boys

13 05 2008

Today was a good day.

After a few hours in the office, I packed my backpack and headed out the door with Jarred. We picked up Mark at SWU, Palmer at his house, and Timmy at the Schmutzes’ house.

Highway 123 to 28 to 11, then some back roads that led to the middle of nowhere. We parked and struck out into the first of three fields. The grass had grown up thicker than I had seen it before. At the end of the last field, we entered the woods and headed toward the creek crossing. Orange nylon ribbons marked the spots where crossings where necessary. At the third crossing, the trail began to be littered with rocks.

The rising slope signaled that we were close to our destination. The rippling cascades also drew us upward until we could see the plummeting water so far ahead. The last of the climb brought us out at the base of the falls, but we would not be spending much time there. It had been previously decided that today was the day that we would stand on top of Lee Falls.

[Some of you may remember that this is the very waterfall that nearly claimed my life a couple of years ago. In an attempt to climb to the top, the ground fell out from beneath me and I slipped into thin air. The fall resulted in a quick hike out and four staples in the emergency room.]

We backtracked a bit and started up the incredibly steep slope – a slope which would become steeper before it evened out. The higher we climbed, the thicker the brush became until we were barely able to squeeze through the branches. Finally, the thicket opened into sunlight and the ridge lay only a few yards ahead.

The guys on top of Lee Falls

At this point, we were quite a distance above the waterfall and would have the walk the ridge and make our way down to the stream which would eventually fall into the valley below. The trees opened to reveal the ledge as the stream poured over. We stood at the edge, scared to death and loving it.

On top of Lee Falls

We tried to take pictures through some binoculars that Jarred brought. They turned out pretty good. The first ridge pictured in the background of the pic below was several miles away.

Through binoculars

After a while, we started our way back out, but decided that we would try a shortcut on the way back. The slope that awaited was even steeper than the earlier one. Most of the trip down was spent on our rears, sliding and tripping and gathering massive amounts of dirt in our shoes. At the bottom, we agreed that our struggle was worth it and that we all felt like conquerors.

The trip home included a stop at Wendy’s, then Timmy and Palmer and Mark were dropped off at their respective residences, but this was not the end of the day!

Later, I called everyone to come over for a backyard fire. For about half an hour we struggled to get the fire going, but finally got it hot enough to make s’mores and cook brats (which were both amazing). By the way, the best technique we found for making our fire work was aerosol cologne.

Climbing steep grades, standing on top of a waterfall, making fire and cooking meat over it…sounds like a good day for a man.




5 responses

13 05 2008

one of the best days i have had in a quite some time

13 05 2008

i personally think the best way to get a fire going is to have an eagle scout nearby, but i might be biased. give me a call next time you guys go out brady.

14 05 2008

That sounds like really fun. Maybe when I get some weigh off I can do that again!

14 05 2008

Brady when we went that first time you would never let me try to climb up to the waterfall!!

14 05 2008
Jon Brady

I’m sorry, Hoo. We should have tried. I didn’t think it was possible then.

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