Mapquest: Week 1

18 05 2008
This week marked the beginning of a new series entitled “Mapquest” at Smith Chapel. This series unveils our new mission and vision.

Week 1 Starting Point: Mission

  • Loving God and loving others are the two greatest commandments.
  • The mission of the church is set out by Christ in the Great Commission.
  • Jesus wept for Jerusalem when they would not respond to Him.

I. Observers attend the church – these people simply want to sit idly in the pews; they want nothing more than to be seen and to make an appearance; they benefit the church in no way

II. Consumers
use the church – these people want; they want your attention, they want your time, and they want it now; they use valuable resources and benefit the church in no way

III. Participants build the church – these people want nothing more than to take part in Christ’s mission of bringing the whole world to God; they are willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to see Christ’s work done; they don’t ever quit; they make the church “the light of the world”

Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church mission: Transforming our community and our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Coming up: Driving Directions: Vision 1




One response

19 05 2008

What about STOCK-HOLDERS: ones who feel like they have invested finacially and or time-investments, and because of thier investments they now have a say-so in the operations of the church

a.k.a. watch this weeks NewSpring message (i was there for this one)

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