Summer’s Lookin’ Good

19 05 2008
So far this “summer” I’ve…

  1. Spoke at the SC Wesleyan Youth Retreat/Camp Preview. Had a great time! Can’t wait for camp!!
  2. Hiked to Lee Falls and made it to the top. I conquered the waterfall that gave me four staples a couple years ago. Jarred, Palmer, Timmy and Mark made the excursion with me.
  3. Two pit fires in the backyard. Jarred, Timmy, Mark, and many others have been over for s’mores and brats…mmmmmm brats. Read the post about hiking and the pit fire here.
  4. Saw Prince Caspian with the youth group. See the post here.
  5. Timmy’s birthday party at Frankie’s Fun Park. Played laser tag with the group and did poorly (this is ironic because I used to manage a laser tag arena). Best score in my group playing putt putt. I beat Timmy and didn’t feel too bad about it. Sorry, Timmy.
  6. Started “Band of Brothers” last night with Jarred, Mark, and Timmy. Best mini-series ever made. Soooo good. Continued watching it tonight.
  7. Played airsoft with Cody, Jarred, Timmy, Mark, and Eric after tonight’s episode of “B.o.B.”

…and it looks as though the fun will just keep on going…

  • More hiking
  • More pit fires and brats
  • More “B.o.B.” and airsoft!
  • Camp in Michigan with Josh Woods and Jon Ward.
  • Junior High and Senior High camps at Table Rock.

Hooray for summer.




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