A child in need

20 05 2008
TOMS Shoes is a pretty awesome organization. Blake Mycoskie created TOMS “to make life more comfortable,” but this statement doesn’t quite mean what you think it might mean. His commitment is to match every pair of shoes purchased with a donated pair for a child in need. So far there have been two shoe drops: Argentina (10,000 pairs) and South Africa (50,000 pairs!). TOMS plans to give 200,000 by the end of this year.

I purchased my pair this past week and received them Monday. They are natural-colored canvas, size 11.5 and they feel pretty sweet. It is a form-fitting design with a leather insole. I also received a logo sticker and flag with my shoes.

When you purchase a pair of these shoes, you can dedicate your gift to someone you love. A child that needs shoes will receive some in that person’s name. Pretty cool!

I’m pretty excited about something else as well. TOMS allows anyone to host a “Style Your Sole” party, which allows customers to pre-purchase a pair of TOMS and then custom design their own pair. One person collects orders and then TOMS sends all-white shoes. The host then buys all kinds of paints, markers, and other decorating items for the people to use. Lastly…mayhem! Looks like a lot of fun.

…and here are the results. The promise still stands: TOMS gives a pair of shoes for every one purchased. If 100 pairs are bought, then 100 kids in a foreign country will have shoes on their feet!

Oh yeah, I’m planning one in August. Right before school starts back, The C.O.R.E. Youth will be hosting a “Style Your Sole” party in the Family Life Center of Smith Chapel Wesleyan. Hope you can make it. Save up $40 between now and then for this great cause!




3 responses

20 05 2008

Very cool! Everyone needs shoes. I love shoes.

Plus Hanson is teaming up with this! lol

20 05 2008

plus they are ridiculously comfortable. after you wear them in for a few days.

18 06 2008


Thank you for writing about TOMS in your blog! We would like to send you a gift to show our appreciation. Please e-mail me your mailing address by next Wednesday! Also, we’d like to invite you to join our online community on Facebook at “TOMS Shoes: Shoes for Tomorrow.”

Take care,

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