I shot at minors today

25 05 2008

I actually got to shoot at some of my students from both church and school today. We played airsoft at one of my youth sponsor’s houses tonight. First we played out in a huge plot of woods, which turned out to be about 50 times too big for our group. After that game we decided that playing in a small field was a much better choice. We were definitely right.


  • Jarred Mann (Youth sponsor)
  • Mark Haithcock (Youth sponsor)
  • Timmy Young (Youth sponsor)
  • Eric Cromer (SWU RA)
  • Alan Davis (Adult youth sponsor)
  • Matt Uselman (Teen)
  • Matt Trammell (Teen)
  • And three other middle school teens

Highlights from the night:

  1. I thanked God for the “beer and wine” (Root Beer and Cheerwine!)
  2. Pigs in a blanket
  3. Shot a kid in the face
  4. Got shot in the back of the neck because Jarred switched to full auto to “make sure his gun was working”
  5. Shot by my own teammate
  6. Walked within 10 feet of an opposing team member and didn’t realize it
  7. Ice cream cake (sooo good!)



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