Table Rock ’08 – FREE

28 06 2008

Youth camps at Table Rock were so good this year!

I was on staff this year with some of the best and talented youth pastors I’ve ever known. Props to James Henderson for being an incredible leader. A lot of people had doubts that he would be able to handle the responsibility, but he has proven himself totally capable. What was even cooler was to see him pray and even weep for the teens of our district. James has a passion for teen ministry and loves every one of our district’s youths (I will fight you if you say otherwise). Camp without Heath and Matt was different, but was still so very good.

Our A/V team was rockin’! Dustin Wilson was in charge of the evening services (and he also headed up the entire design of the camp…logos, stage, t-shirts, banners, etc…). Jim Hanson operated the computer for the services. Nate George was our photographer and videographer. And I ran sound and lights. So much fun!

Rick Gilbert wrote and led our TAWG – Time Alone With God. He did a great job! It really seemed as though the teens were much more involved with TAWG than they have been since I’ve been working with the camp.

We had two ministry teams: one from SWU and one from IWU. They did a great job! Wednesday night of Senior High, they collaborated to perform a rendition of this skit. Greatest skit ever! Prove me wrong…

My roomie, Cody Thomas, led worship with Hidden Presence backing him up. Kindel Smith and Hannah Wilson also added their talents to the group. Worship was awesome. There were times when I would have believed that over a thousand people were singing.

Steve pulled out two crazy drum solos. He rocked it pretty hard. I thought at one point that my head would explode from the sheer awesome-ness. I also got to lead the primal yell…not once, but twice. I nearly died both times. Kevin DeRossett basically passed out the first time.

Activities for the week included the revived Tube-A-Mania (no serious injuries this year!), a trip to a water park in Georgia, Wet-n-Wild Wednesday, Table Rock State Park, Cone War!, dodgeball and so much more!

My Bethany Boys won the gong show again for choreographing a dance to the Hannah Montana song, “I’ve Got Nerve.” It was so incredible! On Friday, they named the group “The Brady Boys.” It was quite the honor. It was sad, though, to not be the counselor in Bethany Cottage for the first time in four years.

The speaker for Junior High was Christian Chapman. Christian is an itinerant speaker for Kingdom Building Ministries. He is originally from Kannapolis, NC (which is where I lived for 5 years). My step-dad used to play softball against him. He was a great speaker and has a boldness of the gospel the likes of which I have never seen. Many of the teens responded to Christ’s love for the first time or to God’s call in their lives.

Senior High was graced with the great Derik Idol. Derik is the senior high youth pastor at Heritage Wesleyan Church in Iowa. He is the former youth pastor at Shady Grove Wesleyan Church in Colfax, NC. Derik brought the truth! Many students got rid of some scars, met Jesus for the first time, or nailed their sins to the cross of Christ.

Last night, we had a special service. We acquired a large pool and had a baptism service right there in the tabernacle. About 15 teens and college students got baptized. It was so cool!

God showed up. Camp was incredible. Lots of memories. Can’t wait until next year!


Michiana – Day 6

21 06 2008

The continuing log of my trip to IN and MI.

Day 6
– Wednesday, June 11

  • Got to bed about 3 am
  • Woke up about 7 am
  • Breakfast
  • Clean-up time
  • Final Rally
  • Message – We need each other
  • The teens said their final goodbyes to Josh
  • We packed up and left for Indiana
  • Lasagna for supper
  • Four pieces of lasagna…mmmm
  • We acted totally uncivilized around adults
  • Went to bed after watching Finding Forrester

Michiana – Day 5

16 06 2008

The continuing log of my trip to IN and MI.

Day 5 – Tuesday, June 10

  • Plenty of sleep
  • Early breakfast
  • Morning Rally
  • Message: GPS
  • Subs for Lunch
  • Field Activities: Water balloons
  • Chicken fingers for dinner
  • Night rally
  • Message – Tips for following God
  • Bonfire for afterglow
  • I led campfire songs…crazy fun
  • Stayed up way too late
  • Bedtime

Michiana – Day 4

15 06 2008

The continuing log of my trip to IN and MI.

Day 4 – Monday, June 9

  • Finally got to sleep at 6:45 am when my campers left to go jogging
  • Woke up at 7:30 for a shower
  • Pancakes and sausage for breakfast
  • Morning Rally
  • Message: GPS – Prayer
  • Lunch – ???
  • Field activities: Ultimate Frisbee
  • Pizza for dinner
  • Night rally
  • Message –
  • Movie for afterglow: National Treasure 2
  • I slept through the movie
  • Woke up for cabin time
  • Attempted to go to bed about midnight

Michiana – Day 3

15 06 2008

The continuing log of my trip to IN and MI.

Day 3 – Sunday, June 8

  • Service at Plymouth Wesleyan Church for Josh Woods’ last week
  • Packed the church van with band equipment and our bags
  • Tried to eat at Burger King but their broiler was broken…
  • …so we went to a different Burger King
  • Made it to Michigan in time for a tornado warning
  • Tornado missed us by about 5 miles
  • Set up instruments and did sound check
  • Teens arrived and huddled in the chapel during the warning
  • First service
  • Message: “You’re Going the Wrong Way!”
  • Games
    • Human Knot
    • Dragonball – EPIC FAIL!!!
    • Banana Split-up – Teens had to eat banana split ingredients without using their hands….awesomely messy
    • Shaving Cream Hairstyles
    • Toilet Game and First Kiss Game – so funny
  • Attempted to go to bed

Michiana – Day 2

14 06 2008

The continuing log of my trip to Amp Camp in Michigan.

Day 2 – Saturday, June 7

  • Left GA for Indiana
  • Stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast
  • Drove through Nashville
  • Zaxby’s for lunch in KY
  • Drove through Louisville
  • Traffic stopped at I-65 exit 50 south of Indianapolis
  • Interstate was flooded and closed due to The Storm of the Century
  • Decided after much debate and brainstorming (not to be confused with the real storming that we never even saw) to turn around
  • Found out the Interstate we would have taken had we not turned around was also closed
  • Drove through Louisville…again
  • Smelled Cincinnati as it passed…the nauseating aroma of beer
  • Bypassed Fort Wayne
  • Arrived in Plymouth after 11 pm
  • All in all we stretched and 8 hour drive into a 14 and a half hour journey

Michiana – Day 1

14 06 2008

This is the first installment chronicling the highlights of my trip to Indiana and Michigan.

Day 1 – Friday, June 6

  • Jon Ward arrived in SC
  • Lunch at Yank’s Place in Liberty
  • Hit the road toward Chickamauga, GA
  • Stopped for dinner with Jon’s mom, sister and nephew at Twins’ Pizza
  • Wii Sports on a big screen TV
  • Played bocce with Josh Woods, Jon Ward and Phillip Bartlett
  • Stayed the night at Josh’s in-laws house