All You Can Eat

4 06 2008

Paid a visit to Pizza Inn today with Pastor Scott. We tried to go to McDonald’s as usual, but the parking lot was a labyrinth of cars all attempting to move in different directions. We then chose from the myriad restaurants in Pickens: Arby’s and Pizza Inn. Obviously, we picked the slightly more Italian of the two choices.

First, we ordered sweet tea, but received unsweet – a tragedy if I’ve ever seen one. Our cups were quickly switched for the sugar-laced variety. Then the feast began. Both of us piled our plates high with the several meat covered pizzas on the buffet. Seconds…then thirds.

But onto the real reason we went to Pizza Inn: the dessert pizzas. Scott got a slice of strawberry pizza and a piece of apple cinnamon goodness while I finished off my bacon slice. Only minutes after Scott got his first desserts, the chocolate chip pizza entered the scene.

According to buffet etiquette, a person is to limit the amount of dessert pizza taken to one slice. Scott decided that buffet etiquette must not apply to him, because he grabbed three slices of the chocolate chip pizza. THREE SLICES! I grabbed my slice, but accidentally dropped mine on the floor – a travesty! As I was cleaning up the mess I made I looked and saw the last piece leave its pan, and I could swear that I saw more than one child leave the buffet with a tear streaming down their face. Scott sat happy to deprive others from sweet chocolate bliss.

Scott actually ended up giving me two of his slices because another type of dessert pizza came out and he wanted to get a piece of it…except he got two slices of it. I was ashamed to even be seen with the likes of the dessert hog beside me.

The pile of plates on our table gave the appearance of a well-fed family of four. It’s all-you-can-eat, right? At least we didn’t get thrown out.

Here’s to hoping Debbie doesn’t read my blog. Right, Scott? Just walk a few more miles tomorrow.




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4 06 2008
Scott Uselman

Kids need to eat apples;)

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