Peace to all my Chesneeanites

2 07 2008

I visited Chesnee for the first time on Monday. Courtney Hayes and Kim Kelley asked me to go with them, so I rode the hour drive with that dynamic duo. I survived (by the grace of God…jk) and found myself in the parsonage of Chesnee Wesleyan Church.

Got to hang out with Jody, Steven, James and Adam. We all went to Kanpai in Spartanburg where we saw the entire Hall family out for Faye Faye’s b-day. Pastor Hall officially asked me to run sound for family camp, so it looks like I’m there for sure now. Can’t wait!!

It was really nice hanging out with James and Jody. I really respect those guys a lot and enjoy getting to know them. Steven’s pretty awesome too, but he was basically asleep the whole time because he had been at work for something like twelve hours and hadn’t slept in a couple days. Still it was great seeing him. I talked Adam Robbins into coming to Liberty for the rest of the week. So he’s here now.

After Kanpai, all but James and Steven went back to Jody’s house to watch Semi-Pro. I wasn’t all that impressed. I’m afraid Will Ferrell’s comedic motif has run its course.

Last night several people came over for brats and s’mores over the fire pit. Had a really fun time!




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2 07 2008

go chesnee! lol i love Brady

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