2008 Family Camp – Opening Days

15 07 2008

Sunday night marked the beginning of Family Camp at Table Rock Wesleyan Camp.

Sunday, July 13
Missions Rally

After special prayer for each of our soon-to-leave missionaries, Dave Tolan challenged everyone to be missions minded.

Monday, July 14
District Conference

Church business has to be taken care of, so all of the pastors and delegates from the district came together to hear reports and vote on important matters. It was a long day, but Buddy Rampey made it interesting by embarrassing me in front of everyone. Oh well, life goes on. It will be one of those great stories later in life. Special thanks to Greg Hayes for not killing me. You had to be there…

Ordination Service

Monday night included a special time of prayer and dedication for two new pastors in our district. Tamara Flinchum and Julio Sazo received their ordinations in the Wesleyan Church. Both of these were cool because one is a woman minister and the other is a Hispanic pastor. Suhweet!

Tuesday, July 15
Morning Service

The projector wouldn’t stay on this morning due to a temperature problem. We made it through worship without the projector. Joe Dongell spoke about God’s passion for life. His challenge was for each of us to live our days in the knowledge that God wants abundant life for every person and in all of His creation.

More to come from SC District Family Camp 2008…




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