2008 Family Camp – Midweek Update

18 07 2008

Tuesday, July 15
Youth Service

Matt Lyda, our youth track speaker, opened his series “Don’t Waste Your Life”, which is based on John Piper’s book by the same title. We are meant to enjoy and display God.

Evening Service

Dr. Dongell spoke about the “Waterhole.” We are all dehydrated of life and love. Everyone is thirsty for life and love and we all share the same “waterhole.” Instead of the waterhole mentality, we are to be the springs of life, bubbling over with God’s abundant life. Only when we are full of God’s life and love can we give water to others.

Wednesday, July 16
Morning Session

Dr. Dongell spoke about God’s diversity of life.

Youth Service

Continuation of Matt’s “Don’t Waste Your Life” series.

Evening Service

Dr. John Ott brought a message about “Surviving the Storm.”

Mark 6:45-50

  1. You can be in the center of the storm and the center of the Lord’s will.
  2. Don’t ever give up, even if it looks like the ship is going down.
  3. Even though you can’t figure God out, you still have to be willing to let Him in.

Thursday, July 17
Morning Session

Dr. Ott began a talk which I believe to be the most necessary message for the SC District and the church universal.

“10 Things We Are More Concerned with than People Going to Hell”


  • Fear of Change
  • It is impossible to build a great church and stay the same


  • Fear of Risk
  • It is impossible to build a great church and play it safe


  • Fear of Failure
  • It is impossible to biuld a great church and not make mistakes

Youth Service

Matt wrapped up the “Don’t Waste Your Life” series this morning. We are to gladly lead others to be glad in God.

Evening Service

Dr. Dongell explained the zig-zag phenomenon. We Z I.G. by saying “I’m gonna…!” We believe that we can do God’s work. Then we tire out and begin to Z A.G.. We say “It’s all God! It’s all grace!” Instead we should be right in the middle, experiencing God’s grace and pressing on ourselves.

Mark 4:26-29, 1 Cor 3:5-9, and Psalm 127:1-2

  • God is Lord of the harvest timing
  • God is Lord of the harvest shape
  • God is Lord of the harvest laborers and the labor
  • God is owner of the harvest



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