The Olympic Spirit

13 08 2008

So here are my thoughts on the Olympics so far…

  • The opening ceremonies were amazing – the most incredible public event I (and 1 billion other people) have ever witnessed
  • America swept women’s fencing to win the first medals for the U.S. – not a fan of fencing, but cool nonetheless
  • U.S. Army Specialist Walton Eller blew away the competition in Men’s double trap shooting (pun intended) and set a world record for targets hit – it was impressive, to say the least
  • China is kicking butt in the gold medal count… [17 gold medals]
  • …but the U.S. is ahead in the total medal count, barely [30 total medals]
  • The U.S. has 10 gold medals – Michael Phelps holds 5 of those
  • The 4x200m freestyle was insane – we broke a world record by 5 seconds and recorded the first sub-7 min relay!
  • The 4x100m freestyle was named the single greatest swimming relay of all time by several commentators – so many amazing things in one race: Phelps broke the record for a leg, then his teammates did it twice more, 46.06 seconds to come back from an whole length behind…for the win…the closest finish ever in the Olympics…truly an historic event
  • Australia broke the WR in the 4x200m freestyle by almost 6 seconds! I mention this only to spotlight my celebrity crush on Stephanie Rice. If anyone can help me meet her…that would be great! Aussie accents rule.
  • The U.S. is stinking in gymnastics so far – The Chinese, on the other hand, are showing the world (yet again) what strength and grace in the gym are supposed to look like
  • I’m really starting to tire of the announcers complaining about the gymnastics scoring system…even if it is flawed

More to come on the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. I’m loving it!




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