The Olympic Spirit, part 9

21 08 2008

Cubs win! Cubs win!

  • U.S. softball lost a shocking game against Japan allowing the gold medal to slip from their hands for the first time in Olympic history
  • Team USA women’s water polo lost their gold medal match against The Netherlands in a crazy-close 9-8 game
  • U.S. men and women both dropped batons and failed to advance out of the first round in the 4x100m relay
  • Next up is the finals for the American women’s basketball team as they outlasted Russia 67-52
  • U.S. men swept the 400m
  • U.S. versus Brazil in the women’s indoor volleyball final
  • 1-0 for gold in women’s soccer for the U.S. – the game went into extra time
  • Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers are vying for gold as I write this – 1 set to none in a 23-21 nailbiter

You spin me right ’round baby, ‘right round.




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