Maybe that’s why it’s called Ultimate Frisbee

27 08 2008

Today’s craziness…

  • What do normal people do when there’s a tornado warning in their area? They go inside a safe place and wait it out.
  • What did I do today during a tornado watch? I went and played Ultimate Frisbee at SWU. There’s a good chance that I am insane (along with the 25 other people who showed up).
  • The puddle running along the side of the field was so huge that it had a running current. The water came up to the bottom of my knees at the deepest point and extended almost a quarter of the way across the field.
  • All of the fire ants that have infested the field were above ground because of the flooding. It was quite annoying.
  • I almost ripped my left big toe off of my foot. It got caught in the grass and dug a divot in the ground as it bent under my foot. It went numb for a while and ended my day of running.
  • It only rained for a few minutes which was sad.
  • There was little or no wind during a tornado warning that dropped a couple of twisters in Clemson.
  • There was much sliding and many laughs were had by all.
  • This marks the third time this week I’ve played Ultimate: Sunday night on the wet field, Monday afternoon in the rain, and today in the pond.



3 responses

27 08 2008
Jason Constance

I miss Ultimate Friz-ball so much!

27 08 2008

Man, I miss that.

28 08 2008
logan hash

not to mention a 31 yr old playing like a freaking BEAAAAAAAST!

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