Overheard in Ingle’s

28 08 2008

So, I’m walking down the beverage aisle at Ingle’s in Liberty…

As I neared the end of the aisle, a woman reached for a twelve pack of Pepsi. Her daughter, who was riding on the bottom of the shopping cart, said, “Mom, why do you like Pepsi so much?”

Mother to daughter: “I don’t know, dear.”

The daughter, without pause, continued, “Don’t you know that it’s bad for your colon?!”

The mom, looking at me and chuckling, replied, “I know, honey.”

From the mouths of babes…




3 responses

28 08 2008

Is it really?

28 08 2008
logan hash

pretty sure u called her daughter a babe ya pedifile haha

28 08 2008
Jon Brady

No, but too much is bad for your kidneys.

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