Sneaky Cat

20 09 2008

I don’t like cats, but just this once…



15 09 2008

I was sitting on my couch watching Stand By Me, one of the greatest movies of all time, when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Jarred was in his room feverishly working to fix his sheets on his bed. He was awkwardly attempting to stuff his comforter into A DUVET! WHAT?! A man is never allowed to own a duvet (nor anything else with a French name for that matter). The eviction notice is on its way! And to top it all off he just bought a new pillow which is “Made for all sleeping positions.” *Hangs head in shame*

The funniest gas you’ve never heard of

8 09 2008

Sulfur Hexafluoride… Just watch the video


8 09 2008
  • Russell Brand may be one of the most annoying awards show hosts ever, which is more proof added to the mile-high list of things that make the British really weird. He joins a list that includes David Letterman and Chris Rock, who both found ways to ruin the biggest awards ceremony in showbiz (that’s the Oscars). How many times did he mention how lame the Jonas Brothers are? Could he say “God bless ’em” again? Please, make it stop!
  • How…tell me how!…did Lil’ Wayne keep his pants up?!
  • Thanks, MTV, for showing all the nominees’ videos in tiny little thumbnails!
  • Pink slid down a piece of fabric like a fire pole. That was cool!
  • Thank you, duct tape
  • Ashlee Simpson is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE! She must be a few weeks (or months) overdue.
  • Paramore rocks!
  • Jordin Sparks says promise rings are ok, because not every guy or girl wants to be a…ummm…person of loose morals
  • Rihanna and T.I. was my fave performance. Chris Brown = lucky guy
  • Voice-over tracks (Christina Aguilera)…annoying…but necessary, I guess
  • Kid Rock…go away, please
  • Stick to rapping, Kanye…though the drumline in the background is cool
  • When Brittany Spears wins video of the year, you know it’s a down year
  • Without DVR, it would have been a waste of 2 and a half hours…instead it was a waste of just 1 hour!

*Kicks Computer Screen*

4 09 2008

Pick a Letter

3 09 2008

The roomies and I have ventured into another online project. Letters of Recommendation is our newest blog-type…thing.

The way it works: Each letter of the alphabet (working on using the last few) is assigned a category, such as “A” for Attractions, “B” for Books, “H” for Humor or “T”for Technology, and so on. The categories will fill in as the posts hit the page.

Check in regularly to find out what we love and think you should love (or at least try). We will be updating frequently with a gadget, movie, thing to do, place to see or any other random thing we like. Come in with an open mind and we’ll suggest something new as often as we can.

We’ve put up four posts since the launch 9 hours before this posting.

Breaking stuff is fun

1 09 2008

Stanley Fubar Demolition Tools – Make sure to select “Break Stuff”