Saturday Journal

9 11 2008

Saturday, November 8

7:00 am

Alarm. Too early. 10 more minutes.

7:30 am

Rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes. Packed a couple of essentials and headed out.

8:00 am

Met Kelly Maney and Liz Propst at Katherine Bowyer’s house. Departed for Clemson.

8:30 am

Bojangles. Cajun Filet Biscuit and the “world famous” sweet tea. Mmmmm…

9:00 am

Left Clemson on 123 toward Seneca, then on to Walhalla and beyond.

9:30 am

Turned off of the smooth, paved road and onto FSS 744, a gravel road. We were still over 6 miles from our first destination.

9:50 am

Parked at the end of FSS 744A and walked back to another Forest Service Road which had been blocked off from vehicles.

10:00 am

When nature calls…

10:10 am

Descended to the creek below the trail. Carefully crossed the creek attempting to avoid stepping in the frigid water. Liz missed a step and soaked her shoe. From this point on she will be known as “the wet one.” We navigated our way down to Blue Hole Falls.

10:20 am

Slippery rocks formed the way down to the bottom of the falls. We slowly made our way down to the narrow ledge along the pool into which the falls spill. Kelly and I managed our way down without incident. The wet one fell into Blue Hole, barely saving her camera from submersion.

10:21 am

The wet one emerged from the water.

10:30 am

Kelly and I finally stopped laughing.

10:45 am

We reached the end of “the hole” and many pictures were taken.

[Blue Hole Falls is one of the most beautiful locations in the Upstate. It is a cascade that narrows into a chute which plunges finally into a pristine pool. Check out the pic.]

11:30 am

We began the precarious climb back out, taking a different trail up from the pool.

11:55 am

Back at the car.

12:20 pm

Off to find a bathroom on Hwy. 28.

12:30 pm

Grabbed a Cheerwine and a Moon Pie at a backwoods country store which Kelly referred to as “creepy.” It reminded me of my early years in the-middle-of-nowhere North Carolina.

12:45 pm

Arrived at Blackwell Bridge and headed downstream by the Chauga River.

1:00 pm

Incredible Chauga Narrows welcomed us with its raw power. Even with lower than average river levels, the narrows are impressive.

1:15 pm

Pictures, pictures, pictures…

[Chauga Narrows is no misnomer. Just below a small cascade falls, the entirety of the Chauga River is funneled through a four-foot wide crack at speeds that could kill even skilled kayakers. Check out the pic. Just upstream is a great camping area at a hook in the river.]

2:00 pm

Back to the car and headed home.

2:30 pm

The wet one was nearly dry.

2:45 pm


[We capped the day off with a trip to Just More BBQ, then downtown Greenville, adding Katherine Bowyer and Heather Thore to the crew. Falls Park, Go Fish and O Cha rounded out the city visit. It was a good day.]




4 responses

10 11 2008

10:32 am–Kelly laughed at Liz again.
10:37am–Kelly laughed at Liz again.
11:32am–Kelly laughed at Liz again…and then decided she wouldn’t laugh at Liz again.
11:34am–Kelly lied. She laughed at Liz again.

16 11 2008
Ol' Suit

Beautiful shot of the Bluehole!

I tried to get one once upon a time but my girls (who were wee tykes then) wouldn’t stay put and tried to follow me out on that ledge…in FLIP-FLOPS!

Needless to say I had exactly one-hundred and twenty-nine heart-attacks on the way back out.

18 11 2008

Oh btw, it’s Propst, not Probst. 😛
Awesome sermon Sunday!

18 11 2008
Jon Brady

Sorry. Corrected.

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