Unwritten Epilogues – Prey

14 12 2008

Title: Prey

Author: Michael Crichton

Publication Date: 2002

Publisher: Avon Books (HarperCollins)

Genre(s): Science Fiction / Thriller / Tech / Disaster / Creature

After losing his job attempting to uncover a corporate scandal, Jack Foreman was unfairly black-balled by the entire silicon valley community. Now a house-husband, Jack has gotten used to the fact that he is the caretaker for his family. His wife, Julia, works for Xymos – a nanorobotics company on the verge of perfecting some incredible new technologies, which he – unknowingly – wrote operational code for at his previous job. When things go awry at Xymos’ facilities, Jack is called on to find the problems…while all along Jack suspects his wife is having an affair, due to some erratic behavior. And that is not all that is wrong at home, because his daughter is showing signs of some strange illness. Is this a coincidence or is Julia responsible somehow? Just what IS she doing at Xymos?!

Jack heads to the Nevada desert to track down the errors in the tech company’s operational code only to discover that a swarm of nanorobots has escaped from the production facility and is causing some…problems. When things turn deadly, the race is on to find a way to stop the menacing cloud of learning nanokillers.

I recommend Michael Crichton’s Prey with a 7.0 out of 10 score.




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