Raven Cliff, part 1

6 01 2009

Silver clouds enveloped the sky. A light fog hugged the ground. The intermittent patter of rain hit the tin roof outside my office door – the type of rain that ever-so-slightly startles you each time it hits your head. This was not hiking weather.

I dressed inappropriately for the weather at hand, but the forecast was promising: sunny and sixty degrees. I grabbed the pack that had seen so many miles of the Upstate and headed out into the dreary, cool January air to drive the short stint to Southern Wesleyan where I would meet the other adventurers for the day.

[The first to arrive, I waited for Amanda Kinney (“AK”), Katherine Bowyer (“Kath”) and Tyrome Philson (sorry, no nickname…”TP” is probably not the best choice). AK was the next to pull in and she agreed to drive to our destination. We both agreed that Tyrome was still asleep so we yelled at his window until he came outside. Within moments he was ready to go, but still no Kath. After a few minutes wait, she drove in apologizing for her delay. We piled into AK’s Mitsu and departed. Many thanks to Kath for bringing GoRP – “Good ol’ Raisins and Peanuts.”]

The drive to Raven Cliff is a panorama of Pickens County life. Starting in Central, the journey would take us through several of the towns that put the “small” in small-town living: Norris, Liberty, and the unforgettable Pumpkintown. Highway 276 brings a change in scenery with its sweeping vistas and hairpin turns creating switchbacks in the road and forming those perfect pictures that you see in car magazines – the several steps of turns winding up a mountain all in view at the same time. After cresting the ridge at Caesar’s Head State Park, the road began the descent down to our parking area.




2 responses

6 01 2009
Nate Chevrier

…and here I was thinking that me and a couple other pals were the only ones that were left around here that hike the area. We were just at the Raven Cliff trail the other day. It was 38F with a 30mph wind, so we figured we’d save it for another day.

But yeah, we should get a bigger SWU crew going one day if you want. (myself, Josh Householder, Tim Smith… are the usuals). You know how to get ahold of me (facebook, etc). I usually do 7 mile hikes and do some photography here and there. I’m always looking for an excuse to get out there. So if you guys are up for it one day, let me know. I’ll see you around bro.

-Nate Chevrier

6 01 2009
Jon Brady

Always in for a good hike.

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