Raven Cliff, part 3

8 01 2009

[Read part 1 and part 2 of “Raven Cliff”]

At the edge, the 200 foot drop causes even a sure footing to feel weak. The view of the valley below alleviated some fears, but a limited amount of time was spent peering over the ledge. Scores of splintered trees on the rocks at the bottom were reminders of how little we cared to take that plunge.

Stomachs reminded all of the time, so we tarried at the base of the upper falls for some snacks: Crackers, Cheeze-its and more GoRP. The hike back would be more strenuous than it was on the way in, since we walked mostly downhill the first time. Before we could get back on the trail, though, we had to make it back up to the bridge – a task that would prove MUCH more difficult for some than others [Sorry, AK].

After one last look downstream, we set off back up Naturaland toward Gum Gap. It was not long before the small group segregated into genders. The guys walked ahead as the girls lagged behind to talk and snap pictures of the more-visible-than-before landscape. Though winter voids the forest of color, the extended views are welcome due to lack of foliage and decreased haze. One cannot help but take in the wonders of nature in such settings.

The familiar gravel section of the Raven Cliff trail welcomed us back to the highway. With pink-slip turned in [“pink-slip” refers to the form that tells rangers we made it out], we piled back into the car to head home. This is the point where – after avoiding disaster on a 200-foot cliff – our day was almost ruined. When backing out, no one looked behind us to see the silver car that we narrowly avoided. Mere inches separated the two cars. Many sighs of relief and thankful prayers later, we pulled out of the lot and back onto 276.

Caesar’s Head…

Bald rock…







…and the oft-spoken words… “A great day with good friends.”




4 responses

8 01 2009
Nate Chevrier

Real hikers take 133 back and not 178 😛

8 01 2009
Jon Brady

Real hikers never drive through Six Mile. [I’m, jk, Kath et al.]

11 01 2009

Ok let me just state that in my defense it wouldn’t have been difficult to get up to the bridge if SOMEONE (that’s you) hadn’t told me to go the WRONG WAY!!!

11 01 2009
Jon Brady

Hence the apology.

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