12 03 2009

This is a tweet from Christopher Walken dating from December 10th:
“A man ate from a trash can while tourists clicked snapshots. I gave the guy 15 dollars & told the tourists to get the H*** out of my city.”
I couldn’t help but post this. While it is obviously off-color to a certain degree, doesn’t he have a point? When did people lose every ounce of compassion for people and begin to see “the least of these” as a photo-op?
And is the church anything like those tourists? Are we just looking at the problems? Are we just identifying them or pointing them out? Are we just yelling “Look! A homeless guy!”? Or are we doing something about it?
“Get the H*** out of my city?” Maybe we should be giving our all to get our city out of Hell…and in the meantime maybe we can give somebody a little bit of hope in the God who cares.




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13 03 2009

I’ve read a couple other posts in the last few months about the legality (and ethics surrounding) taking photographs of homeless individuals. It’s one thing to ask permission, but I doubt that everyone does. I suppose if you wanted to get economical about it, you might offer the person $5 or a meal, but I don’t know what the motives of all the photographers are. Still, I’d be pretty upset if someone randomly photographed me on the street. Who wouldn’t? These are people, not animals at the zoo.

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