Unleash ’09 – Breakout Sessions

12 03 2009

Thoughts and Highlights

Main sessions

Breakout Session 1: Communications & Web Strategy with Suzanne Smith and Josh Blankenship:

  • All communication needs to reflect who you are as a church and your vision.
  • Keep it simple and streamlined – don’t give so many options that it will confuse people.
  • Define the win first – decide NOW what you want your communication to do
  • Clear communication with staff & volunteers is key.
  • “How can I help you?”
  • Same team. Same mission. Same vision. One church.
  • Specialization of position does not make life easier.

Breakout Session 2: Student Ministries with Brad Cooper

Ask two questions (taken from Henry Ford):

(1) What’s business?

  • One directive. Many strategies.
  • The church is about people meeting Jesus!
  • Say no to some good things in order to say yes to a very few great things.
  • A good thing is the opposite of a great thing.
  • Are we proud of Jesus? Would anyone know it when they enter our services?
  • Youth ministers must join with the vision of the Senior Pastor.

(2) How’s business?

  • What is your succession plan? If you were gone tomorrow, who would take over? Are you putting people in position to become ministers?
  • Delegate. Involve. Empower.

Four levels of student involvment at FUSE:

  1. Consumer – the first-time visitor; checking things out; hooked by the fun maybe
  2. Relater – someone learns their name; pays attention to them; makes them feel welcome
  3. Disciple – a decision of faith is made
  4. Producer – makes disciples; moved into a position of minister (even as students, because no one reaches a teen better than another teen)

There is a culture of intrigue… CHANGE IT UP!

Lastly, healthy things grow.




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