Unleash ’09 – Thoughts and Highlights

12 03 2009

Breakout sessions

Main sessions


  • First of all, major kudos to the volunteer staff. They knocked it out of the park! It could not have happened without them, that is obvious.
  • Perry Noble tells it like it is…plain and simple.
  • It is possible that a better worship team does not exist. Lee McDerment and RoseAngela Rugiero are amazing!
  • The staff of NewSpring are for real! They all buy into the one directive of God’s church: leading people to Jesus Christ.


  • Meeting some old friends there (Heath Mulliken and Charlie Collins)
  • Perry said “[fill in the blank]” HILARIOUS!
  • Chic-Fil-A for lunch
  • Got to check out the FUSE building!
  • “Our God is Love” sung by Lee McD! Sooo good!!
  • “Savior King” is one of the best worship songs ever written and they rocked it out!
  • Perry brought it for the final session
  • Prayer time with senior pastors



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