The truth about you…

4 03 2009

[I do this only because I love ya, Cooreesootee!]

1. You just received too much change. What is the most that you would feel obligated to come clean about it..if at all?

It all goes back.

2. What is the last present you regifted?

Don’t remember ever regifting anything, but I’m sure I have :/

3. You’re puking your guts up from the flu and are delirious, who do you call to take care of you?

Jarred, for sure

4. It is 4am, you’re at Waffle Huddle House (or any 24 hour diner like establishment). What did you just order?

Crispy chicken club combo

5. You were just handed $2500 and must spend it going away for the weekend. Where are you going and are you going to ask anyone to come along?

A cabin in the mountains with Jarred [NO BRITTANY! jk], Cody [NO KINDEL! jk, I guess – die, Kindel!], Abram (and if girls MUST come, then Christi, Kelly, Amanda and Kath – who is so far away in St. Lucia right now!)

6. Who shared your first ever romantic kiss and do you know where that person is now?

Wow! That is some private stuff! But yes, I do know where she is…

I ain’t taggin’ nobody… 😛


Saturday Journal

9 11 2008

Saturday, November 8

7:00 am

Alarm. Too early. 10 more minutes.

7:30 am

Rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes. Packed a couple of essentials and headed out.

8:00 am

Met Kelly Maney and Liz Propst at Katherine Bowyer’s house. Departed for Clemson.

8:30 am

Bojangles. Cajun Filet Biscuit and the “world famous” sweet tea. Mmmmm…

9:00 am

Left Clemson on 123 toward Seneca, then on to Walhalla and beyond.

9:30 am

Turned off of the smooth, paved road and onto FSS 744, a gravel road. We were still over 6 miles from our first destination.

9:50 am

Parked at the end of FSS 744A and walked back to another Forest Service Road which had been blocked off from vehicles.

10:00 am

When nature calls…

10:10 am

Descended to the creek below the trail. Carefully crossed the creek attempting to avoid stepping in the frigid water. Liz missed a step and soaked her shoe. From this point on she will be known as “the wet one.” We navigated our way down to Blue Hole Falls.

10:20 am

Slippery rocks formed the way down to the bottom of the falls. We slowly made our way down to the narrow ledge along the pool into which the falls spill. Kelly and I managed our way down without incident. The wet one fell into Blue Hole, barely saving her camera from submersion.

10:21 am

The wet one emerged from the water.

10:30 am

Kelly and I finally stopped laughing.

10:45 am

We reached the end of “the hole” and many pictures were taken.

[Blue Hole Falls is one of the most beautiful locations in the Upstate. It is a cascade that narrows into a chute which plunges finally into a pristine pool. Check out the pic.]

11:30 am

We began the precarious climb back out, taking a different trail up from the pool.

11:55 am

Back at the car.

12:20 pm

Off to find a bathroom on Hwy. 28.

12:30 pm

Grabbed a Cheerwine and a Moon Pie at a backwoods country store which Kelly referred to as “creepy.” It reminded me of my early years in the-middle-of-nowhere North Carolina.

12:45 pm

Arrived at Blackwell Bridge and headed downstream by the Chauga River.

1:00 pm

Incredible Chauga Narrows welcomed us with its raw power. Even with lower than average river levels, the narrows are impressive.

1:15 pm

Pictures, pictures, pictures…

[Chauga Narrows is no misnomer. Just below a small cascade falls, the entirety of the Chauga River is funneled through a four-foot wide crack at speeds that could kill even skilled kayakers. Check out the pic. Just upstream is a great camping area at a hook in the river.]

2:00 pm

Back to the car and headed home.

2:30 pm

The wet one was nearly dry.

2:45 pm


[We capped the day off with a trip to Just More BBQ, then downtown Greenville, adding Katherine Bowyer and Heather Thore to the crew. Falls Park, Go Fish and O Cha rounded out the city visit. It was a good day.]


15 09 2008

I was sitting on my couch watching Stand By Me, one of the greatest movies of all time, when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Jarred was in his room feverishly working to fix his sheets on his bed. He was awkwardly attempting to stuff his comforter into A DUVET! WHAT?! A man is never allowed to own a duvet (nor anything else with a French name for that matter). The eviction notice is on its way! And to top it all off he just bought a new pillow which is “Made for all sleeping positions.” *Hangs head in shame*

NC West Camp ’08

10 07 2008

SWU has been graced with the presence of NC West Senior High Camp this week. It has been pretty sweet seeing all my homies from the upper Carolina: Jon Ward, Patrick Dagenhart, Mike Arnold, and all those other cronies.

I went Monday night, Tuesday night and tonight for the services. Both Tuesday and tonight I took some of my youth.

Each night after service, several of us went to Huddle House. Tonight there were 13 people in our group at Huddle. Fun times!

Also, Adam Robbins, James Henderson and Justin Donnahoo have stayed with us in the past week. Does life get better than this?!

Peace to all my Chesneeanites

2 07 2008

I visited Chesnee for the first time on Monday. Courtney Hayes and Kim Kelley asked me to go with them, so I rode the hour drive with that dynamic duo. I survived (by the grace of God…jk) and found myself in the parsonage of Chesnee Wesleyan Church.

Got to hang out with Jody, Steven, James and Adam. We all went to Kanpai in Spartanburg where we saw the entire Hall family out for Faye Faye’s b-day. Pastor Hall officially asked me to run sound for family camp, so it looks like I’m there for sure now. Can’t wait!!

It was really nice hanging out with James and Jody. I really respect those guys a lot and enjoy getting to know them. Steven’s pretty awesome too, but he was basically asleep the whole time because he had been at work for something like twelve hours and hadn’t slept in a couple days. Still it was great seeing him. I talked Adam Robbins into coming to Liberty for the rest of the week. So he’s here now.

After Kanpai, all but James and Steven went back to Jody’s house to watch Semi-Pro. I wasn’t all that impressed. I’m afraid Will Ferrell’s comedic motif has run its course.

Last night several people came over for brats and s’mores over the fire pit. Had a really fun time!

Michiana – Day 6

21 06 2008

The continuing log of my trip to IN and MI.

Day 6
– Wednesday, June 11

  • Got to bed about 3 am
  • Woke up about 7 am
  • Breakfast
  • Clean-up time
  • Final Rally
  • Message – We need each other
  • The teens said their final goodbyes to Josh
  • We packed up and left for Indiana
  • Lasagna for supper
  • Four pieces of lasagna…mmmm
  • We acted totally uncivilized around adults
  • Went to bed after watching Finding Forrester

Michiana – Day 5

16 06 2008

The continuing log of my trip to IN and MI.

Day 5 – Tuesday, June 10

  • Plenty of sleep
  • Early breakfast
  • Morning Rally
  • Message: GPS
  • Subs for Lunch
  • Field Activities: Water balloons
  • Chicken fingers for dinner
  • Night rally
  • Message – Tips for following God
  • Bonfire for afterglow
  • I led campfire songs…crazy fun
  • Stayed up way too late
  • Bedtime