Unleash ’09 – Breakout Sessions

12 03 2009

Thoughts and Highlights

Main sessions

Breakout Session 1: Communications & Web Strategy with Suzanne Smith and Josh Blankenship:

  • All communication needs to reflect who you are as a church and your vision.
  • Keep it simple and streamlined – don’t give so many options that it will confuse people.
  • Define the win first – decide NOW what you want your communication to do
  • Clear communication with staff & volunteers is key.
  • “How can I help you?”
  • Same team. Same mission. Same vision. One church.
  • Specialization of position does not make life easier.

Breakout Session 2: Student Ministries with Brad Cooper

Ask two questions (taken from Henry Ford):

(1) What’s business?

  • One directive. Many strategies.
  • The church is about people meeting Jesus!
  • Say no to some good things in order to say yes to a very few great things.
  • A good thing is the opposite of a great thing.
  • Are we proud of Jesus? Would anyone know it when they enter our services?
  • Youth ministers must join with the vision of the Senior Pastor.

(2) How’s business?

  • What is your succession plan? If you were gone tomorrow, who would take over? Are you putting people in position to become ministers?
  • Delegate. Involve. Empower.

Four levels of student involvment at FUSE:

  1. Consumer – the first-time visitor; checking things out; hooked by the fun maybe
  2. Relater – someone learns their name; pays attention to them; makes them feel welcome
  3. Disciple – a decision of faith is made
  4. Producer – makes disciples; moved into a position of minister (even as students, because no one reaches a teen better than another teen)

There is a culture of intrigue… CHANGE IT UP!

Lastly, healthy things grow.


Pastrana, Tricycle, Backflip

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22 01 2009

Super Broker Shuffle

9 01 2009

Words cannot describe this:

Just wow…

THE 802!

10 12 2008

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Sneaky Cat

20 09 2008

I don’t like cats, but just this once…

Pick a Letter

3 09 2008

The roomies and I have ventured into another online project. Letters of Recommendation is our newest blog-type…thing.

The way it works: Each letter of the alphabet (working on using the last few) is assigned a category, such as “A” for Attractions, “B” for Books, “H” for Humor or “T”for Technology, and so on. The categories will fill in as the posts hit the page.

Check in regularly to find out what we love and think you should love (or at least try). We will be updating frequently with a gadget, movie, thing to do, place to see or any other random thing we like. Come in with an open mind and we’ll suggest something new as often as we can.

We’ve put up four posts since the launch 9 hours before this posting.