12 03 2009

This is a tweet from Christopher Walken dating from December 10th:
“A man ate from a trash can while tourists clicked snapshots. I gave the guy 15 dollars & told the tourists to get the H*** out of my city.”
I couldn’t help but post this. While it is obviously off-color to a certain degree, doesn’t he have a point? When did people lose every ounce of compassion for people and begin to see “the least of these” as a photo-op?
And is the church anything like those tourists? Are we just looking at the problems? Are we just identifying them or pointing them out? Are we just yelling “Look! A homeless guy!”? Or are we doing something about it?
“Get the H*** out of my city?” Maybe we should be giving our all to get our city out of Hell…and in the meantime maybe we can give somebody a little bit of hope in the God who cares.